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穴吹トラベル_ ロゴ


As local travel experts here on Shikoku we specialize in offering our clients experiences that connect with the culture of the area that range from the mystery of the 88 Temple Shikoku Pilgrimage to the sun, waves, and world renown works of the Setouchi Art Islands. Based in Takamatsu we have been providing rich experiences such as these to our clients and customers for over thirty-years and it is our sincere hope to continue offering our clients specialized tours and so much more.

At Discover Shikoku, we strive to show our clients the beautiful, the strange, and everything in between during their time on Shikoku. Most of all however, we ensure that your time here on Shikoku is authentic peek into this wonderfully fascinating island we call home. Not only do we take great care of our clients we are also increasingly involved in efforts on Shikoku to guarantee a sustainable future for tourism on the island as well as the great Setouchi Area. And with such a future in mind, we would love to show you around sometime.



Our Destination:
Shikoku (Setouchi Area)